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Safety Bulletin: Stability of reinforcement prior to concreting (Oct 2015)

At its meeting on 23rd September 2015 the Temporary Works Forum (TWf), in discussing the issue of rebar instability, identified that industry custom and practice in the measures taken to ensure the stability of reinforcement prior to concreting are changing. The TWf has undertaken to update its own guidance (TWf2013:01). In the meantime, as an interim measure, this Safety Bulletin aims to highlight key issues for all parties to consider. The ultimate aim is to save lives and reduce injuries.

This Safety Bulletin is aimed at those specifying, managing, designing, detailing and installing reinforcement cages – whether this is permanent works designers or contractors – and seeks to draw attention to some key issues in ensuring stability and thus safety.

Many do not realise that rebar cages can be dangerous, or that buckling can occur suddenly. Also, that cages built in-situ can become progressively less stable as work progresses; something that can be counter-intuitive.

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