Aims and objectives

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) aims to encourage open discussion of any matter related to temporary works. The forum is subscription-based and open to any organisation within the industry - large or small - sharing this intent; whether client, permanent works designer, principal contractor, temporary works designer, proprietary equipment supplier, specialist, industry body or academia.

The TWf's primary objectives with respect to temporary works are to: 

  • Give authoritative guidance and when required professional leadership to the industry;
  • Consider aspects of permanent works and interfaces between permanent works and temporary works as are relevant;
  • Consider both current practice and likely development;
  • Be aware of trends and innovations in design, construction and use.

Our aims and objectives are to be found here. For Membership details - or to contact us - click here.

TWf is a not for profit company established for the benefit of the construction industry.

Company number 7525376