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Membership is subscription-based, on an annual basis, with the subscription set by the number of company employees.  If you would like to receive further details please complete the "Contact Us" Form. 

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What is temporary works?

‘Temporary works’ is the works that enable construction of a permanent structure.  Temporary works can be lateral support to an excavation, steel or aluminium access platforms, scaffolding, formwork, falsework, site hoarding, reinforcing bar cages, etc. 

Temporary works is often safety critical.  The consequences of failure can be high.


What is the Temporary Works Forum (TWf)?

There are few authoritative publications on best practice in the design, erection, use and dismantling of temporary works. 

The TWf is an industry-led initiative to address the fundamental issues with temporary works and aims to: 

  • give authoritative guidance and when required professional leadership to the industry;
  • consider aspects of permanent works and interfaces between permanent works and temporary works as are relevant;
  • consider both current practice and likely development;
  • be aware of trends and innovations in design, construction and use of temporary works. 

The TWf promotes safety in the design, installation, safe use and dismantling of temporary works through discussion, publications, events and the support of industry training.


Who should join the TWf?

All stakeholders involved in construction have a duty of care to those who carry out construction on their behalf to ensure the process is carried out with a minimum of risk of injury. 

Membership currently comprises: clients, permanent works designers, principal contractors, specialist contractors, proprietary suppliers, training companies, etc. 

TWf aims to grow its membership to bring about a broader industry impact from the work of the Forum, particularly amongst consulting engineers.


What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • access to an ‘online community’;
  • discussion and debate with fellow professionals;
  • networking and business opportunities;
  • learning about more efficient and better designs (and, thus, cost savings);
  • the consideration of ‘buildability’ issues;
  • establishing, sharing and promoting best practice;
  • preparing industry guidance;
  • improving performance in safety and health (and, perhaps, the environment);
  • better compliance with legislative requirements;
  • influencing – and working with - other industry organisations;
  • enhanced competence and continuing professional development;
  • establishing and supporting a research agenda (and getting early feedback on the findings);
  • education (through the MSc at the Centre of Excellence).

Why do we need a TWf?

As an industry, construction does not learn from its mistakes; the industry repeats them resulting in the same result, death or injury to site workers. 

The TWf seeks to promote best practices in the design and implementation of temporary works to contribute towards improved industry safety standards. 

The TWf in the UK is linked to other bodies with similar aims and objectives, e.g. Hong Kong (HK-TWf) and New Zealand (TWf-NZ).