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Open Publications - Produced by Others

This section schedules contemporary guidance on a range of issues associated with temporary works and produced by 'others' (non TWf).

Current outputs are listed below:

  • Prestressed Concrete Association - Technical Advice Note (November 2018)

    This technical advice note is written for the guidance of planning supervisors (see NOTE), design engineers and principal contractors on sites where precast concrete bridge beams are used. In many cases these beams are manufactured to the design of others and delivered by Prestressed Concrete Association (PCA) manufacturing members. This note provides information which the designer and contractor may find useful in preparing risk assessments and safe working method statements when discharging their obligations under the CDM regulations. This information may not always be sufficient and in special cases, further advice may be sought from the technical department of the manufacturer. * see NOTE (below) Read More »

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  • MSc Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering (April 2018)

    This MSc degree, now in its second year, provides a specialist qualification for those involved in the design and construction of temporary works. It is accredited by the Joint Board of Moderators (The Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Structural Engineers, the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation and the Institute of Highways Engineers). Many of the industry’s top experts in the field lecture on the MSc alongside world leading academics from City, University of London. Read More »

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  • What is the TWf? (September 2016)

    A short article published in 'The Structural Engineer'

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  • Temporary Works Library

    This contains a range of useful references.

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  • Northumbria University - Symposium Flyer

    Temporary Works in Construction Research Symposium - 4th and 5th September 2017

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  • Northumbria University - Abstract Template

    Temporary Works in Construction Research Symposium - 4th and 5th September 2017

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  • Tracked plant on slopes (Feb. 2017)

    Summary We sometimes operate tracked plant on slopes without a full understanding of the risks and factors of safety involved. As a result, a number of incidents have occurred involving tracked plant operating on slopes. These incidents were caused by failure due to sliding, overturning or inadequate ground bearing capacity. Wherever possible, we should avoid operating plant on slopes. However the nature of the sites we work on means this is often unavoidable. This guidance has been compiled to aid the understanding of these risks and to help conscious decision making. Read More »

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  • PAS 8811: 2017, Temporary works – Major infrastructure client procedures (Jan. 2017)

    The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published PAS 8811: 2017, Temporary works – Major infrastructure client procedures – Code of practice. PAS 8811 gives recommendations on major infrastructure client procedures for temporary works and temporary conditions of permanent works during construction. It also covers processes, roles, responsibilities and competences, and provides example pro forma documentation. Read More »

  • MSc in temporary works and construction method engineering (Jan 2017)

    City, University of London is seeking application for its course starting in October 2017. Read More »

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  • MSc in temporary works and construction method engineering (July 2016)

    The MSc in Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering at City University, London is the first and only of its kind in the UK. City is launching this MSc initially in a part-time (one day per week) format from September of this year. The MSc is supported by the Temporary Works Forum and will include contributions from leading industry experts. The MSc will be of particular use to graduates with at least a year of experience in the industry. Participation in this MSc will build your ability to critically review and develop options for design and assessment of temporary works, leading to robust design solutions that enable safe, economic and sustainable construction.

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  • PAS 8812 - Temporary works - Application of European Standards in design – Guide (Jan. 2016)

    The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published guidance for temporary works design to European Standards (January 2016). The Eurocodes cover the design of permanent and temporary works. However, designers need to be careful when applying these standards to temporary works, due to the differences between these two types of works. PAS 8812 (see link, right) helps the designer approach the temporary works. Read More »

  • SCOSS Wind Alert Tall Buildings (Dec 2015)

    An Alert aimed at those who design or commission temporary structures that are subject to wind loading and adjacent to tall buildings. Such temporary structures may be particularly prone to adverse wind effects by virtue of their relative position.

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  • Rebar collapse (Oct 2015)

    Following a rebar collapse Ward and Burke Construction has shared their lessons learnt Read More »

  • Network Rail - Safety by Design

    Network Rail – Building and Civils: The Safe by Design (SbD) Buildings and Civils Working Group involves Network Rail working collaboratively with designers and contractors to embed safety into construction and infrastructure operation through improvements at the design stage. Read More »

  • Tunnel incident: Lessons learnt

    During the morning of Friday 8 March 2013, a train driver reported that flood water was flowing from the roof of a railway tunnel north of Old Street station near central London. The driver of an out-of-service passenger train was asked to examine the tunnel at low speed and check for damage. The driver stopped short of the water flow and reported that two large drills (augers) had come through the tunnel wall and were fouling the line ahead of his train. Acknowledgement: The following presentation was prepared by Balfour Beatty. TWf expresses its thanks for the sharing of the 'lessons learnt'. Read More »

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  • Construction Products Regulation

    The construction industry is facing the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are sold in Europe. Read More »

  • Falsework: Full Circle?

    This was produced by SCOSS in 2002 and provides a contemporary reminder of the importance of good management. See link, right.

  • HSE Guidance

    This guidance note, written for Inspectors, sets out HSE's thoughts on the management of Temporary Works. It is essential reading. See link, right.

  • Preventing catastrophic events in construction

    HSE sponsored a Report, undertaken by CIRIA, on avoiding catastrophic events. One of the conclusions was that temporary works was a point of concern. See link, right.

  • Designer guidance

    This sets out responsibilities of designers (permanent and temporary works) stemming from the CDM Regulations 2007. The use of 'ERIC' - Eliminate, Reduce, Inform, Control - as a means of dealing with hazard and risk will be of interest to designers generally. See link, right. Read More »

  • Background to Temporary Works

    This article was published in 'The Structural Engineer' as a background paper. Read More »

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  • Shoring guide

    TWf is pleased to have been involved in the production of the CPA 'Management of Shoring in Excavations Part 1 - Management Process', published in June 2013 and available from CPA. See link, right. Read More »