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TWC training module (Nov 13)

TWC training module

TWf has worked with CITB to produce an industry standard training module for Temporary Works Co-ordinators (TWCs). This will provide a transferable and assessed training element giving employers confidence in those who have sat it. The Module will be delivered as part of the Site Safety Plus suite.


The management of temporary works is a key aspect on all construction sites. Good management will bring not only promote safety, but also efficiency and productivity. The principles of management embedded in BS5975 have long been recognised as an appropriate approach, and a beneficial way to demonstrate statutory compliance risk in terms of mitigating safety (and health) risk.  The Temporary Works Co-ordinator (TWC) is an important part of this process.

The TWC is appointed by the Designated Individual (DI) as a competent person in this field, and for the role.  One element of this overall competency is training. This will be required in a number of areas and topics, one of which is the role of the TWC.

There has been concern amongst a number of employers in the construction industry that there has been no ready means of judging the standard of training provision.  This has resulted in some employees being re-trained to satisfy a new employer that they are ‘up to speed’.  This is wasteful.

The Course

As a result of this concern TWf has linked up with CITB to produce and promote an industry derived, accredited two day ‘Temporary Works Co-ordinator training course’  that will:

  • raise standards;
  • set standards that could be applied across industry, and accepted with confidence;
  • allow a transferable knowledge base between employers, thus avoiding unnecessary supplementary training.

The course is part of the Site Safety Plus (SSP) suite of courses (see link, right). 

HSE has said: 

"... Temporary works is an area that continues to cause HSE concern. Where insufficient attention is given to the management of temporary works on construction sites incidents involving falling materials and collapse are more likely to occur. The new national accredited course will help those who have some temporary works experience to be able to manage the process more effectively. HSE is particularly keen that small and medium sized contractors who undertake complex structural work gain a better understanding of what they can do to prevent incidents involving part built or weakened structures ...".

John Underwood, HSE Construction Division 2013


Although training provision is a matter for each employer, TWf hopes that this course will, in time, be generally accepted by industry as the norm for Temporary Works Co-ordinators, and will achieve the aims of the three bullet points set out above.

Accredited centres are scheduled on the CITB website. It will take time for the number of accredited centres to grow, and hence the number of available courses. Until this is achieved, it would be expected that current training provision was maintained. There is no formal ‘transition period’.