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NASC Product Purchasing Guidance Notes (19.11.18)

Now Available

The NASC has published a suite of scaffolding product purchasing guidelines – simple, go-to documents for contractors to use so they can ensure the equipment they source is up to standard. The six new product guidance (PG) documents – numbered PG1:18 to PG6:18 – cover a range of product categories: EN 39:2001 tube [4mm]; EN 10219-1:2006 high tensile tube [3.2mm]; BS 2482:2009 timber boards; EN74-1 couplers; aluminium beams; and BS EN 12810/11 system scaffolds.

Hard copies will soon be available for purchase from the NASC online shop: They are available for free download now via the same link.

Each PG note details purchasing best practice and outlines the standards to which customers should check that products they are sourcing are manufactured and tested to.  This includes what to look for, what relevant information they should request and what a test certificate looks like.

The PG notes are intended to be used in tandem with the NASC’s Code of Practice (CoP) compliant product list, which corresponds with the six PG product categories.  All products on this list have been subjected to UKAS accredited independent laboratory testing over and above the testing and third-party approval standards of the manufacturer and supplier.