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This section schedules items of interest and details of future meetings

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    TWf Centre of Excellence (August 2015)

    The Temporary Works forum (TWf), which promotes best practice within the UK construction industry, has designated City University London as a Centre of Excellence in Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering. Read More »

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    Temporary Works General Awareness Course (July 2015)

    Developed in conjunction with the Temporary Works forum (TWf), CECA, UKCG and other industry representatives. Read More »

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    SbD B&C (07.15 - Updated July 2016)

    Safety is an integral part of the design process. Design must consider safety over the whole project lifecycle, from inception, to development, implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and eventual decommissioning and disposal. Read More »

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    BCI Awards 2015 (June 2015)

    British Construction Industry Awards 2015 Shortlist 2015 Temporary Works Award Sponsored by the Temporary Works forum (TWf) Congratulations to the following. They will now receive either a site visit or be invited to a face-to-face interview with the judging panel. Read More »

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    PAS 8811 Code of practice for temporary works – Client procedures (June 2015)

    This PAS arises from a number of concerns and specifically the work of High Speed Two (HS2) and the Temporary Works Forum (TWf). HS2 is committed to the implementation of the UK HM Treasury Infrastructure UK Cost Review – 2010 & 2014 and the Institution of Civil Engineers Industry Standards Group – Specifying Successful Standards ‐ July 2012, which recommended updating and defining standards. HS2 is keen for this document to be used industry-wide and hence ensured that the industry was represented by the steering group. Read More »

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    PAS 8812 Guide to the application of European Standards in temporary works design (June 2015)

    The Eurocodes (BS EN 1990 to 1999) provide common structural design rules for construction works. As such they cover the design of permanent and temporary works. In particular, BS EN 1990, Eurocode – Basis of structural design, establishes principles and requirements for the safety, serviceability and durability of structures, describes the basis for their design and verification and gives guidance for related aspects of structural reliability. In response to the limited information available regarding the application of European Standards to temporary works, the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) recently published TWf2014:01, The use of European Standards for Temporary Works design, which is intended to act as starting point for further industry-wide discussion. This PAS has been developed in response to a number of the issues raised within TWf2014:01. Read More »

  • Centre of Excellence (Feb 2015)

    The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) is seeking expressions of interest to provide a UK-based Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Temporary Works Engineering. The purpose will be to: a) research into industry issues to find practical solutions; b) provide expert advice and consultation; c) provide CPD for the industry; and d) provide education to first degree level. The TWf regards this as a partnering opportunity and seeks an organisation which shares its aims, which are: the advancement of education; the saving of lives; the advancement of science; and the avoidance of disasters. Read More »

  • BCI Awards: Winners

    TWf was proud to sponsor the awards for: Temporary Works Award (Civil Engineering) and Temporary Works Award (Building) The winners were .... Read More »

  • The use of European Standards for Temporary Works design (Nov 14)

    The introduction of European Standards applying to temporary works design is a major shift from the traditional practice of permissible stress design to long-established standards. Read More »

  • BCIA Awards (July 14)

    TWf is now a Sponsor of the BCIA Awards. From 2014, all submissions will be asked to submit information on temporary works and this will feature as part of the judging criteria. Read More »