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Tracked plant on slopes 

18-02-2019 16:43

We sometimes operate tracked plant on slopes without a full understanding of the risks and factors of safety involved. As a result, a number of incidents have occurred involving tracked plant operating on slopes. These incidents were caused by failure due to sliding, overturning or inadequate ground bearing capacity. Wherever possible, we should avoid operating on slopes. However the nature of the sites we work on means this is often unavoidable. This guidance has been compiled to aid the understanding of these risks and to help conscious decision making.

This document was prepared by JN Bentley. It is provided in good faith, for information and comment. It is assumed that its use will be entrusted to those with appropriate knowledge, skills experience; for whose use it has been prepared. JN Bentley has done its best to ensure that any advice, recommendations or information given in the publication is accurate. No liability or responsibility of any kind (including liability for negligence) howsoever and from whatsoever cause arising, is accepted in this respect by JN Bentley and the Temporary Works Forum (TWf), its servants or agents (17.2.17).

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Tracked plant on slopes

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