Rebar stability - management guidance

By David Thomas posted 06-11-2020 15:19

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has published revised guidance, Temporary condition of reinforcement cages prior to concreting: Part 1 - Management guidance (Ref.: TWf2020: 03 (October 2020)).


Prior to being encased in concrete a reinforcement cage should be considered as an item of ‘temporary works’. This guide seeks to highlight the risks associated with the temporary condition of reinforcement cages; whether the cages is constructed in-situ or prefabricated. Consideration is given to assembling, transporting, lifting and rotating cages into their final position.

Generalised guidance is provided on how to identify and manage the risks; the division of responsibility; and some practical measures to prevent problems and accidents.

A copy can be downloaded (free) from:


Pending the publication of Part 2, important advice remains in TWf Safety Bulletin - Stability of reinforcement prior to concreting (TW15.116, 16.10.15),

Work has commenced on the preparation of Part 2, Temporary condition of reinforcement cages prior to concreting: Part 2 – Technical guidance (TWf2021: 01). When published (circa. Q3/2021) the existing guidance is to be withdrawn (Stability of Reinforcement: Cages Prior to Concreting (TWf2013: 01, October 2013).

David Thomas
TWf Director and Company Secretary