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Constructability: A guide to reducing temporary works

By David Thomas posted 12-10-2020 20:14


Re: Constructability: A guide to reducing temporary works (Document: TWf2020: 02; Published: October 2020) 

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has published a new guide, Constructability: A guide to reducing temporary works, 

The aim of the guide is to raise awareness of the importance of ‘constructability’ to clients, architects, permanent works designers, temporary works designers and contractors and how improved constructability can be achieved through a consistent systematic approach involving all parties. The document aims to provide guidance to all those in project teams, in particular permanent works designers. 

Constructability is an iterative process. It should not be considered just once during project development but reviewed at stages throughout the design. Good constructability exists already, and the guide includes examples of projects where the benefits of this approach, and early contractor involvement, have been achieved. Some examples of construction issues resulting from aspects of the design are given. Similarity, for site work. 

This edition of the guide is seen as a first step and it is intended that it will be developed and expanded with subsequent editions. It is hoped that part of this development will be further examples of good constructability practices provided by the industry. Indeed, readers are invited to submit cases studies for consideration. 

The checklists provided in Sections 8.1 to 8.4 are made available in ‘Microsoft Word’ via the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) website ( … select … Resources/ Library Folders/ TWf Guidance).