A short survey for Temporary Works Designers (TWDs) engaged by Contractors

By David Thomas posted 08-09-2020 19:45


DESIGN RISK MANAGEMENT: A short survey for Temporary Works Designers (TWDs) engaged by Contractors 

John Carpenter (Founding Secretary, Temporary Works Forum (TWf)) is writing a comprehensive book on design risk management (DRM) and wishes to include within it the views of those who are involved, directly or indirectly, with temporary works design risk management. From this, it is intended to write authoritative guidance notes to try to highlight aspects that need to change. 

The concentration is on Regulation 9 of CDM only, i.e. the elimination of risk (or its mitigation) and the communication of significant residual risk. Accordingly, John is not picking up on competence, appointment issues, etc. 

The survey (see https://bit.ly/2R5aD5x) is anonymous. Please do NOT name individual companies, projects or individuals. Finally, the wish is to pick up on 'trends' rather than examples from the 'one-off job from hell'! 

Your answers will be fed back to the TWf Secretary. The closing date is 30th September 2020

Many thanks indeed. 

John Carpenter, FICE (07813-853-405), jzcarpenter@aol.com