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PAS 8812 Guide to the application of European Standards in temporary works design (June 2015)

Public consultation

The Eurocodes (BS EN 1990 to 1999) provide common structural design rules for construction works. As such they cover the design of permanent and temporary works. In particular, BS EN 1990, Eurocode – Basis of structural design, establishes principles and requirements for the safety, serviceability and durability of structures, describes the basis for their design and verification and gives guidance for related aspects of structural reliability. In response to the limited information available regarding the application of European Standards to temporary works, the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) recently published TWf2014:01, The use of European Standards for Temporary Works design, which is intended to act as starting point for further industry-wide discussion. This PAS has been developed in response to a number of the issues raised within TWf2014:01.


The draft can be found at:

The deadline for comments, at BSI, is Thursday 16 July.

The document draws upon TWf's, The use of European Standards for temporary works design (TWf2014:01)