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SbD B&C (07.15 - Updated July 2016)


Safety is an integral part of the design process. Design must consider safety over the whole project lifecycle, from inception, to development, implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and eventual decommissioning and disposal.

The Safe by Design (SbD) initiative is a rail projects led response to these challenges:

Temporary works issues are considered within the Building and Civils (B&C) Working Group.  This involves Network Rail working collaboratively with designers and contractors to embed safety into construction and infrastructure operation through improvements at the design stage:

The TWf Secretary was invited to address the SbD B&C Meeting on 2nd July 2015.

Safety Central: Lessons Learnt

Network Rail produce ‘Lessons Learnt’ publications following events which have led to Formal investigations, or local investigations where significant points of learning have resulted.  See:

It is hoped that these lessons will be of value for all involved in the industry and not just safety professionals; they are ultimately designed to aid prevention of events of a similar nature happening again elsewhere.

Fair Culture

Fair culture is the bedrock of a positive safety culture.  See:

Of particular interest (see links, right) is:

A Guide to the 10 Incident Factors

Accidents rarely have a single cause.  They arise from multiple causes that come together. Therefore whilst it is often an unsafe act by an individual that is the immediate cause of an incident there are usually weaknesses in the system that have made that act by the individual more likely.  The Guide has been produced to support the investigation of any incident or accident.  It provides investigators with prompts that can be used to generate potential areas of investigation and to check that all possibilities have been explored.  It covers ten key areas which have been identified as common underlying and contributory factors in incidents and accidents.